Badger Driving School

"I enjoyed driving, Ryan knows how to talk to people, he makes learning to drive fun and interesting" - Kayla

"It was fun and I felt safe" - John

Our October Class, Friends Having Fun!

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Some of our students from another awesome class!

"Learning skills like how to parallel park has been very useful so far!" - Aidan

Mini Class - Everyone Just Passed :)

"The classes are fun and very useful. I didn't feel stressed out. I often think about what I learned while I am driving" - Carolyn

Just Finished her last drive!

"Ryan is an outstanding instructor. He is patient and consistent. I can tell he really enjoys teaching people how to be a safe driver" - Grace

Denver, co

"Ryan is a good teacher. Live fast, drive safe" - McCoy

"Best Drive Instructor ever" - Julia

Students will get to experience this as part of our Advanced Defensive Driver Skills Course!  Here is a video from one of our partners @ First Gear demonstrating a skills class.

Passing Their Tests!