Badger Driving School

Meet Our Partners:

1) Aware and Alive - Our Law Enforcement, Road Safety, and Driver Awareness Partner in the Classroom.

We are committed to providing you excellent service, so you will always choose us for your driver education needs.


For some people, drivers education is just something that has to be done, but at Badger Driving School we aim to create a positive experience that truly develops a better and safer driver.  We hope this brings your family a real piece of mind, and most likely better insurance rates too!

"An Educated Driver is a Safer Driver" ©


We teach more to serve you better.

- We offer a 12-Hour program because we want to be sure students are properly equipped to deal with real world driving conditions and can continue practicing safely at home.  We even cover driving in the mountains, downtown, and freeway.

- Our curriculum is very comprehensive and will push students to learn and retain far more than the average driver.  The Classroom portion includes a controlled "drunk goggle" safety exercise.

- We provide students with emergency response handling training and provide an advanced driving skills course to help them maximize their readiness for the road!

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We are committed to helping you and your family by providing excellent service, quality and value.  We work hard to fulfill our clients needs and provide them with very personalized and friendly service.  Contact us today for more information and to make an appointment!


Learning to be a safe driver takes knowledge and practice -- at Badger Driving School we help drivers gain both.  Through our comprehensive Classroom sessions, advanced Skills training, and our thorough On-Street lessons, students will gain the knowledge and experience necessary to become safer, better, independent drivers!


2) First Gear - Our Advanced Skills Training, Road Readiness Partner


Our Training, Vehicles, and Equipment are chosen for best practices.

- Our training vehicles have run-flat tires (reducing the dangers of a tire-blow-out event).

- Our  training vehicles have an instructor brake (allowing us to maintain greater control of the vehicle).

- We only use newer vehicles with advanced safety features.

Anyone teaching On-Street lessons at Badger Driving School has industry experience and has undergone skills/performance training.