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Badger Driving School is a small but talented drive school, having many years of experience and happy customers along the way!  BDS is owned and operated by a professional driving educator, and I look forward to working with you soon.

On-Street Driving:

Monday -Saturday

3:15pm - 9:30pm

Classroom Options:

Offered each month

4:15pm-8:45pm (7-sessions)

Services offered by appointment only, call to schedule today!



Denver, co

At Badger Driving School, we go beyond providing the 6-Hours of On-Street training that the State requires.  We provide 12 or more hour programs that cover: residential, business, city, rural, mountain, highway and freeway driving.  We also offer additional tutoring and services to fit your needs.  Students get to drive in a cool modern vehicle & parents can rest easy knowing we have a brake!

Check out what some of our students are saying about the program by clicking on their photo in the media page!

Our 30+ Hour Classroom exceeds the requirements for the State of Colorado and will help prepare your teen for their permit test and eventual On-Street driving.  We include videos, guest speakers, a simulated drunk goggle experience, and activities to help keep students engaged and learning.  The classroom is located in a church near I-25 & Yale. 

This School

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(720) 432-1577

Badger Driving School

Pickup or Drop-off services may be available at no cost, based on availability and location.